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Community Channel

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Our Community Channel offers exclusive coverage of events, news, sports, specials, access programs and original shows for and about the residents of North Attleborough and Plainville.


North Attleboro Comcast 15 & Verizon 24

Plainville Comcast 11

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Access Special

Check out what your local residents and business owners have been up to with their own public access special programs.

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Bishop Feehan

Stay up to date with all the events going on at Bishop Feehan.
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Board of Selectmen

Selectmen meet Thursday nights in the Town Hall lower level conference room to discuss town business.
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Charter Commission

The members of the Charter Commission are committed to conduct a transparent, educational, and thorough process of evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of our current form of government in its ability to effectively respond to the needs of the resident

Community Events

See what's happening in your town from concerts, to ceremonies, and everything in between.

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Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission, a seven member volunteer board, was established under the authority of the Conservation Commission Act of 1957 to protect the community’s natural resources and to acquire lands for conservation and passive recreation.
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Council on Aging

As a department of the Town of North Attleboro, the Council on Aging is dedicated to enabling older residents of North Attleboro (60 and over) to live independently and with dignity within our community.
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A project can be used to group similar shows.
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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets monthly to vote on expenditures for the town as well as vote to approve the warrant for the Annual Town Meeting.

Historical Society

Guest speakers discuss various historical events from around the area.

Hockomock YMCA

View special events hosted by the Hockomock Area YMCA with locations in Foxboro, Franklin and North Attleboro.

Inside Government

Join Peter Gay and his guest panelists as they discuss important topics regarding Local and Federal Government.

Inside Look

Join Peter Gay as he sits down with different guests to talk about various events happening around town.

North Attleboro Memories

Prominent members from town recall their fondest memories of the place they call home.

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North Attleborough & Plainville Tonight

Recap top stories from the day with our nightly newscast.

North Attleborough Electric Show

Join us each quarter as we bring you behind the scenes of your municipal light company.

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North Attleborough High School

Stay up to date with all the events going on at NAHS.

North Attleborough Legends

Meet the individuals who have had a significant impact in the community as they recall their time in the North Attleborough of old.

North Attleborough This Week

Recap the top stories from North Attleborough with this weekly newscast.

North TV Behind the Scenes

Learn about all of the work that goes on in various town businesses and offices when no one is looking as we take you Behind The Scenes.

North TV News

Recap the top stories from North Attleborough and Plainville with this weekly newscast.

North TV Reports

This documentary segment gives you an in-depth glimpse into important events that have transpired in town.

North TV Special

North TV Specials cover various town events for everyone to enjoy.

North TV Sports

Watch your favorite sports teams from North Attleboro, Bishop Feehan, and Tri-County.

North TV's Election Coverage

Meet the candidates, get expert analysis, and discover live election results with North TV's exclusive Election Coverage.

Revisiting A Town of Faith

Tour the many religious facilities in North Attleborough and meet those ministers who serve there.

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Richard's Memorial Library Speakers

Hear from guest speakers as they visit the Richard's Memorial Library.

Richards Memorial Library Specials

These Specials cover various events and presentations at Richards Memorial Library for everyone to enjoy.

Rotary Club

Stay up to date on Everything happening within the North Attleborough and Plainville Rotary Club.

Senior Beat

Stay informed on the important topics and events happening for those 65+.

The People's View

Have a comment on an important topic going on either locally or nationally? The People's view gives you the platform you need to share your message.

Town Administrator's Report

Town Administrator Michael Gallagher keeps you informed on everything happening at Town Hall.

Town Government This Week

Recap town meetings each week with Kevin Daggett.

Town Manager Report

Town Manager Michael Borg keeps you informed on everything happening at Town Hall.

Up For Discussion

Peter Gay and his panel of guests discuss a wide array of topics such as sports, politics, and other current events.

Veterans Forum

Veterans Agent Rebecca Jennings sits down to talk with various veteran associates and former military members in town to keep the veteran community informed on everything going on.

What Do They Do in There?

Ever wonder what some of your local businesses look like on the inside? Join us as we show you what they do in there.